Proposition 11

During an event hosted by the UC Davis Data Science Initiative a partner and I chose to visualize Proposition 11, which deregulated emergency medical personnel and their break time. Our research uncovered that the proposition was entirely funded by American Medical Response (AMR), the largest private ambulance service in the area. I scraped several tweets regarding Proposition 11, including those which used clearly aligned tags like #YesOn11 or #NoOn11. Using the aligned tweets, I created a neural net classifier to sort the tweets that were not clearly aligned (like #Prop11) into the support or opposition camps. Analysis demonstrated that positively aligned tweets came almost exclusively from AMR sources. Read more about this project here.

2018 Santa Fe Institute Co-Authorship Network Simulation

During the 2018 Santa Fe Institute Graduate Workshop in Computational Social Science, I had the opportunity to work with a partner, Jeff Jacobs, on a challenge from the Etherium Foundation. We modeled how information and trust flows within a network, and applied this to a co-authorship network. We simulated networks to test how the network structure would change if co-authors were more willing to author outside their area of expertise, and their own level of generalized “talent.” We found that the network parameters set to match real world data are not most beneficial for anyone, suggesting that willingness to co-author outside your field would promote a more cohesive research community. Over the course of this project, I was responsible for the literature review, generating the networks, and creating visualizations. You can see our report here.

Research Expo Report

Using data from the 2018 UC Davis Research Expo, I constructed a network diagram detailing the distribution of attendees to each workshop by department on campus. Nodes are departments and workshops, while edges represented the number of people from each department who attended each workshop. Using this visualization, it is easy to see quickly which workshops departments favored, as well as the relative attendance of each department. 

Collaborators: Dr. Pamela Reynolds and Rich Pauloo from the UC Davis Data Science Inititive

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